APC Campaign Likens Atiku’s US Trip To ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ Boys Scamming Their Victims

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council says a revisit of Atiku Abubakar, presidential claimant of a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to a United States of America “smacks of things internal ‘yahoo yahoo’ boys do to fraud their victims”.

For a initial time after some-more than a decade, Atiku stepped feet in a US on Jan 17, 2019.

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There had been speculations that Atiku stayed divided from a US allegedly due to a faith he would be arrested over allegations of corruption, including one by US congressman Williams Jefferson that partial of a $100,000 income found in his fridge was dictated as cheat for Atiku for his purpose in assisting American organisation iGate secure a agreement to enhance broadband in Nigeria.

In a matter by Festus Keyamo, orator of a APC Presidential Campaign Council, expelled on Sunday, APC pronounced a revisit was a “non-event”, and “nothing though a officious disaster since rather than diffuse a fact of indictments unresolved over his head, it serve confirms and reinforces those facts”.

The matter read: “In a press recover expelled on Sunday, Dec 30, 2018, patrician ‘When a Thief is Shouting Thief: The Case of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’, we rightly likely as follows: ‘By using for President of Nigeria, Atiku intends to get some shield from prosecution. Already he is anticipating to obtain a visa to revisit a US, as a guest of a State department, a benefaction that a US will extend to a Presidential claimant of Africa’s biggest Nation’.

“Therefore, we were not astounded by his revisit to a U.S. For us, this revisit is unequivocally a non-event deliberation a issues concerned in a stirring election. However, we have bad news for those who consider this is a useful eventuality for Atiku Abubakar: a revisit was zero though a officious disaster since rather than diffuse a fact of indictments unresolved over his head, it serve confirms and reinforces those contribution for a following reasons:

“The revisit had all a accoutrements of a refugee unctuous into America underneath a ‘special tactful waiver’. For a claimant of a vital discord celebration in Nigeria, it is an comprehensive disaster that a revisit was not announced forward of time in Nigeria, with his programmes and channel clearly spelt out, a decent and prevalent smallest customary of such visits. This culminated in his tighten aides arising opposing statements about a revisit when he was already on his approach there. In fact, one of them called Paul Ibe indeed spoke to a Press that his principal was nowhere nearby America! Such was a privacy of a formulation and execution of that visit.

“It is ashamed that a presidential claimant of a vital discord celebration in Africa’s many populous nation would revisit America, and a general press was kept in a dark: There was NO SINGLE press discussion with a array of general media and correspondents compulsory for such ‘high-profile’ visit. Atiku knows he has no cool stamina to withstand a avalanche of tough questions adjacent on his contemptible past in America. In fact, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar claims he visited a Voice of America (VOA) though usually did dual carefully-packaged interviews with a Hausa use and a English to Africa module – platforms that have always been accessible to him behind home. How strange! In fact, both a Twitter hoop (@VOANews) and central website of VOA did not discuss any such revisit of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to their station. For news hounds, we would determine with us that such an ‘important personality’ can't travel into a news premises though reporters swooping on him. Whatever he went to do in a premises of a VOA contingency have been a carefully-arranged private revisit for a photo-ops, that was dictated to fraud Nigerians. What some-more justification do we need of a “sneak-in-sneak-out” arrangement than this?”

Targeting in sold a ‘Get Nigeria Working Again’ mantra of a PDP, APC berated Atiku on several claims, including that of assembly US supervision officials. According to Keyamo, Atiku usually met with someone who is a homogeneous of a House of Representatives member, observant that a revisit has finished zero though to “expose him for a controversial impression he is”.

The matter continued: “For a claimant who claims he wants to ‘get Nigeria operative again’ (a incomprehensible phrase) to censor into America though assembly vital players in private businesses is a oddity and an denote that we are traffic with a claimant with a dodgy and controversial character. He claims he went to a US Chamber of Commerce, that is ostensible to be a business federation. Again, a Twitter hoop (@USChamber) and a website of a classification make no discuss of a revisit of such an ‘important personality’ to them. Maybe their famous American lobbyist on a income of N9million per month can assistance them ‘do something’ about this after this press statement.

“It is also an curiosity that a claimant of a vital discord celebration in Nigeria sneaked into America and did not accommodate vast sections of domestic leaders of identical ideologies and persuasions towards that he claims to be inclined. For all his explain to be going to America to accommodate ‘US Government officials’, he usually succeeded in assembly a certain ‘Congressman Smith’, who is a homogeneous of a member of a House of Representatives in Nigeria. You would determine with us that as cool and reputable as a bureau of a Member of a House of Representatives is, an critical celebrity can't come to Nigeria on an central revisit and explain he has met a ‘Nigerian supervision officials’ after he pays a private revisit to that Member. For all we know, a Congressman Smith might usually be a private crony of Dr. Bukola Saraki or Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. That reminds us of Atiku’s famous authority crony he threw underneath a bus, Williams Jefferson, who taught us how to censor laundered income (which was meant for Atiku Abubakar) in a low freezer when a cops came knocking on his door!

“In all, it is really apparent now that a supposed American outing was a unfortunate outing for photo-ops. Throughout a trip, Atiku Abubakar looked cagey, fearful and on edge. We note a tighten support always supposing by Senate President Bukola Saraki like a comforting defender angel. The revisit and arrangements pound of things internal yahoo yahoo boys do to fraud their victims. It is definitely outrageous and young that it has been brought into a critical domestic contest.

“Rather than being a highpoint of his campaign, a American revisit is indeed a lowest watermark of Atiku Abubakar’s campaign. It was a domestic and P.R disaster. The statements he expelled from there usually to a Nigerian Press behind home that he intends to divide other countries and do business with a U.S is indeed a discord to a process of non-alignment.

“For a information of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his handlers, Nigerians know that Nigeria is already operative again for everybody and not for a few. As reliable by him in a town-hall assembly a few days before his catastrophic outing to a U.S, he pronounced he wants to “get Nigeria operative again” usually for few of his friends who he claims he wants to make rich. If he can't get them abounding now from his private businesses, it is apparent that he is referring to a use of open supports to make his friends rich. Nigerians should decider for themselves either this is a form of President they want.

“Finally, whoever suggested Atiku Abubakar to commence that outing to America usually broken his whole debate and unprotected him for who he is – a controversial impression who has continued to leave outrageous questions over his bearing for a top bureau of a land and as such can't be devoted by a Nigerian people.”