DOSSIER: Owned By Amaechi’s Friend — Everything You Need To Know About HSLI, The Israeli Company Hired To Jam The Networks During Elections

On Monday, Oct 30, 2017, Nigeria’s Federal Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi dumbfounded his assembly during an eventuality to symbol a World Maritime Day, as he denounced an endless understanding during an estimated value of $195 million with an Israeli company, in that he did not name (later it was suggested that a company’s name is HSLI Systems and Technology Ltd.). 

Amaechi suggested that as a outcome of a deal, a unnamed association would benefit finish control over Nigeria’s waterways for a duration of 3 years. Meanwhile, a Israeli association would yield training services to a Nigerian confidence forces; and during a finish of a three-year contract, a Nigerians will redeem full control of a waterways from a unnamed company. The agreement also consists of a supply of 3 helicopters, 3 aircraft, 3 large battle-ready ships, 12 vessels, and 20 amphibious cars to secure Nigerian waters.  

Amaechi explained that a plan would nullify a prerequisite for vigilance and chaperon of ships and vessels channel Nigeria’s waterways. It should be taken into care that Minister Amaechi is a partner and a playmate of a President, aiding him in receiving a President’s capitulation for a deal. The agreement was finally authorized and sealed by a Federal Executive Council on Oct 2017. 

The matter given by Amaechi during a International World Maritime Day eventuality shortly faced clever rancour from a prolonged list of organizations and a call of antithesis that reached a doorway of a House of Representatives. This led a reduce cover to start questioning a matter. Many clauses of a agreement sojourn vague, including facile information such as a temperament of a implementing association (HLSI), a accurate apparatus to be supplied, and how a Navy, that is obliged for securing Nigeria’s waterways in general, is wakeful of a agreement’s full implications.  

In May 2017, open vigour had thankful President Muhammadu Buhari to announce a finish nullification of a deal, and a arising of an review led by a NSA and a DIA. Three months after a agreement was reinstated. The Director-General of NIMASA, Dakuku Peterside, explained that a agreement was primarily stalled as a outcome of review on a standing of a firm. According to Peterside, a classification had given been given purify check of health to ensue with a agreement after a end of a investigation. 

The shameful understanding did not stop Buhari from appointing Minister Amaechi as his re-election campaign’s Director-General. Amaechi was also a Director-General of a BuhariOsinbajo Presidential Campaign Committee between 2014 and 2015. The appointment immediately lifted guess that a remuneration in allege given to HLSI was truly dictated to financial Buhari’s 2019 choosing campaign. Suspicions clever as shortly as a President announced he would not use supervision supports for his re-election debate during a closure of a Federal Executive Council (FEC) assembly for Jan 2019. 
The association behind a shameful understanding was identified as HSLI Systems and Technology Ltd., owned by Israeli-based Mitrelli Group and partial of Mitrelli’s confidence branch. Until 2012 Mitrelli was famous as a LR Group, a association determined in 1985 by 3 Israeli Air Force pilots. The 3 became billionaires due to a extensive list of deals in Angola and other countries around a world. The LR classification is hidden in poser and a work ethics have frequently lifted doubt marks. In 2012, a LR Group partners drifted detached and a business was divided among them. One of LR’s strange founder, Eytan Stibbe (50%) and a former manager of LR operations in Angola Haim Taib (50%) founded Mitrelli Group. Taib is Mitrelli’s General Manager. The Chairman of HLSI Systems Technology LTD is Nasiru Haladu Danu. The Manager of HLSI Systems Technology Ltd is Mickey Har Gaash.    

Nasiru Danu is also a tighten crony of Amaechi and a initial members of APC; all were benefaction during his marriage in Dec 2017. Nasiru Danu is also a Director of Logistics of a Buhari debate classification for a 2019 presidential election!   

Minister Amaechi engaged Israeli association LR Group during his reign as a Governor of Rivers State. On Mar 2012, Amaechi and a Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of a Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA) instituted a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with a LR Group (today they are called Mitrelli) to rise a $140 million 3000-hectare plantation allotment in Etche.     

On Dec 2014, a All Progressives Congress (APC) named Amaechi as a Director-General of a APC Presidential Campaign Organization, an classification obliged for Buhari’s 2015 presidential election. After a 2015 presidential elections accusations were done opposite Amaechi that he diverted supports creatively designated to a LR Group Etche plantation understanding into allowance Buhari’s choosing campaign.  

In Aug 2015, reports in Nigerian media were awash with Amaechi’s tenure of several unfamiliar accounts. In one of a reports, it was purported that “the sum of over 757 million U.S. dollars was built by Amaechi in a unfamiliar U.S. Bancorp/Minnesota account. In Oct 2015, a Judicial Commission of Inquiry, set adult to examine a sale of state resources in Rivers State underneath Amaechi, demanded a evident assign of Amaechi and all his cronies endangered in a bootleg sale of state assets. According to a row report, Amaechi wasted over N97 billion in a sale of a state’s valued assets.  

in Apr 2016, Fani-Kayode, former Minister of Aviation, was quoted in an essay that a former Governor of a Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola and his reflection Amaechi had allegedly saved Buhari’s 2015 campaign. According to SIGNAL, an online medium, new commentary suggested that Amaechi had allegedly acquired and diverted some-more than N40billion, creatively of state funds, towards 2015 presidential campaign.  

Additional source in an talk to SIGNAL pronounced that “the N6 billion philanthropy Amaechi donated to Buhari usually for a primaries alone is what was partly spent settling over 8,000 APC delegates. Buhari outspent Atiku, Kwankwaso and a other aspirants. Delegates were staid in tough banking before and on a drift of a primaries. Another source who pleaded anonymity, said: “Amaechi was a one spending many of a income for media, for a US consultant David Axelrod and many of a private jets and vehicles used by APC during a debate were supposing by him. That’s given he became famous even within his party’s circles as a ‘ATM.’”    

The waterways confidence understanding led by Amaechi and authorized by NIMASA was sealed off by a Federal Executive Council in Dec 2017 after receiving capitulation from a President.   
The deal’s contractor, HLSI Security Systems and Technologies, was ostensible to be paid $195million (about N60billion) to benefit confidence apparatus and sight Nigerian confidence crew to tackle criminalities on a inhabitant waterways. The Guardian after reported that a agreement consisted of 3 helicopters, 3 aircraft, 3 large battle-ready ships, 12 vessels, and 20 amphibious cars to secure Nigerian waters.     

Amaechi, who disclosed a understanding during an eventuality to symbol World Maritime Day in Lagos, did not exhibit a name of a Israeli classification endangered in a deal. The agreement was designed to embark in Dec 2018 and run for 3 uninterrupted years.  
During this duration of time a Israeli classification will sight and indoctrinate a Nigerian confidence army personnel. After a death of a agreement a operation will be handed over to a Nigerian force. Amaechi had explained that a plan would nullify a need for confidence and chaperon of ships, cruisers and vessels channel Nigeria’s waterways and combined that a Israelis had positive him that after a training of a confidence operatives, nuisance and attacks on Nigeria’s waterways would stop and that a classification would be hold accountable if such attacks persisted after a Nigerian crew training had taken place. In Oct 2017, Amaechi pronounced that a Israeli association was “yet to launch given they are still shopping a equipment”.  

Shortly after a agreement was granted, critics began lifting questions per a Nigerian administration’s preference to sinecure a unfamiliar classification to secure Nigerian waterways, claiming it could criticise Nigeria’s supervision and inhabitant security. Amaechi indicted some supervision officials, and “people creation income from water” of sabotaging a government’s bid in restoring assent to Nigerian inhabitant waters. The President authorized a agreement of $195 million and there are people in a complement sabotaging that contract. The agreement is to revive confidence in a nation’s water.”   

Some polite multitude organizations (abbreviated as CSOs) have petitioned a Speaker of a House of Representatives per a deal. The petition, sealed by 10 CSOs and antiquated Nov 14, 2017, was presented to a House of Representatives. It was entitled a ‘Petition on a Ceding of Nigerian Coastal Waterways to HLSI Security Firms and Technologies and Commercialization of a Nigerian Navy to Shorefac Consortium Ltd. (Shorefac Consortium will be technically dedicated to a upkeep of Naval vessels while also behaving as a blurb partner to a Navy). They claimed that this is an misconception to Nigeria’s supervision to inhabitant security’. They appealed to a Speaker of a House of Representatives to examine a $195 million contract, quite a shopping routine heading to a preference of a HSLI company. 

On Dec 8, 2017, a Nigerian House of Representatives demanded a hindrance to a contract. The Federal Government Chairman, Committee of a House Committee on Public Petitions, Mr. Uzoma Abonta (PDP, Abia) done a central demand. The lawmaker pronounced a open conference would capacitate a House of Representatives to have an overview of a matter and a advantages Nigeria would benefit from this deal. According to him, applicable invitations had been sent to opposite parties, including a Navy, NIMASA, Federal Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Defence, and other stakeholders to seem before a committee.  Amaechi, and a Director General of NIMASA, Mr. Dakuku Peterside, were benefaction during a hearing. The conference could not go forward as designed due to a fact that a Nigerian Navy, whose orthodox duties centered on securing Nigerian waterways, was not creatively invited.   

The Committee detected that a Navy had not perceived an invitation and was not prepared to respond to questions, as a understanding was hurriedly brokered by a Minister though a impasse of a Navy. There had been indications that a Nigerian Navy was deeply angry for being sidelined and a orthodox duties done to demeanour irrelevant as distant as a oblique confidence understanding was concerned.19 

On Mar 2018, a House Committee on Public Petitions, that investigated a shameful contract, suggested that a agreement would violate allowance laws given it was not formed on a tangible check and endorsed undisguised termination. The lawmakers pronounced that HLSI was not a purebred association in Israel and that Amaechi unsuccessful to supply them with papers even after they had conducted 8 opposite hearings on a matter.  

On Jan 2018, a Don during a Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology in Lagos and a care of a Ship Owners Association of Nigeria (SOAN) have jointly disagreed over a viability of a sealed $195 million nautical confidence agreement between a Nigerian supervision and a Israeli classification HLSI Security Firms and Technology Inc. 
The President of SOAN, Engr. Greg Ogbeifun, settled that a nautical confidence agreement sealed with HSLI goes opposite a nation’s inner calm policy. “It is really dicey for a republic to debt her sovereignty, quite in a area of security, to a unfamiliar nation…the Navy, we all know, is in assign of policing a waters. So, if a Navy had been a one bringing in a Israeli partner, afterwards a inner calm routine would have been respected… But a Navy didn’t move in a unfamiliar partner, to me a whole routine is faulty,” he said.

On Jan 11, 2018 a House of Representatives criticized a supervision of Nigeria’s Maritime and Safety Agency (NIMASA) for awarding a agreement to an Israeli firm, insisting that a plan is a crack of a country’s inner security. The House of Representatives remarkable that a agreement was not usually a confidence crack though also defies a inner calm law, that promulgates condescending of Nigerian products and services.  

On Jan 31, 2018, a event convened during a National Assembly in Abuja questioning a understanding was stalled after lawmakers could not lay their hands on a agreement papers. The House of Representatives destined Amaechi and other stakeholders to furnish a papers on a $195million waterways confidence agreement within 72 hours. Expressing disappointment of a committee, Nkem-Abonta stated: “We have been perfectionist these papers and we have perceived no responses. This is about a 8th conference on this issue. If a contractual papers and agreements can't be constructed within a subsequent 72 hours, we will be forced to tighten this matter and make a recommendations to a House.”  


In May 2018, Buhari consummated a $195 million ‘Israeli’ confidence contract. 

Amaechi had prolonged been deliberate as one of President Buhari’s biggest loyalists in his cabinet, and is publicly deliberate essential to a President’s re-election efforts. “The Minister carried us along in a contract,” a comparison naval officer pronounced underneath anonymity. “He was means to get a boss to pointer a contract, though it seemed a boss felt cheated after training that so many things were wrong with it.”   

In a memo created by a Chief of Staff to a president, Abba Kyari, Buhari pronounced he was directing a Attorney General of a Federation, Abubakar Malami, to cancel a contract. Meanwhile, a President had also systematic a National Security Adviser (NSA) and a Nigerian Intelligence Agency (NIA) to examine how a executive performed confidence clearway for a pursuit though an end-user certificate. 

The President had also systematic that a executive would supply apparatus homogeneous to a $50million upfront remuneration given by a Nigerians to HSLI. It was not transparent either it will be probable for Nigeria to redeem any volume of income of a allege remuneration given to HSLi.    

Three months after a Chief of Staff to a President, Abba Kyari, destined a Attorney General of a Federation, Abubakar Malami, to cancel a HSLi /Mitrelli contract, a agreement was reinstated. 

The Director-General of NIMASA, Dakuku Peterside, explained that a agreement was primarily stalled as a outcome of review on a standing of a firm. According to Peterside, a classification had given been given purify check of health to ensue with a agreement after a end of a investigation. 

He said, “At some point, there were issues lifted about a standing of a classification and indeed a President destined that serve investigations be done on a standing and record of a firm.”  
The executive HSLi, Amaechi and NIMASA were fervent to uncover some swell in a plan in light of a strenuous criticism; they started notice training for some confidence agencies to jointly absolved a waters of criminality. The notice training was to supply a officers of a Nigerian Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, a Department of State Services (DSS), and NIMASA on a C4I Integrated Surveillance Systems operation. The complement is approaching to assist a concurrent perspective of a whole Nigerian nautical domain.  

The Director General, NIMASA, Dr. Dakuku Peterside, during a graduation rite hold during a Nigerian Maritime Resource Development Centre (NMRDC), in Lagos, yesterday, restated a government’s integrity to safeguard that Nigeria’s territorial waters were giveaway of piracy, and all forms of nautical crime to foster mercantile development.      
The LR classification Ltd., now formed in Herzliya, Israel, was founded in 1985 by Roy Ben Yami, Ami Lustig and Eytan Stibbe. The association specializes in arms trade, and a development, production, and arising of several projects in a sectors of renewable energy, agriculture, communications, infrastructure and healthcare.  LR Group operates, inter alia, in building countries in large-scale informal rural growth projects, auxiliary with inner race and bureaucratic officials.  
Stibbe, Lustig and Ben-Yami met during their troops use in a F-16 squadron of a Israeli Air Force. At a beginning, a 3 dealt with consulting companies in a Israeli Defense Industry. Ami Lustig became a special confidant to Rafael for a growth and selling of air-to-air missiles. 

The initial understanding by LR was for a Portuguese Ministry of Finance, that was looking for entity that would settle a nautical troops force to strengthen opposite infiltrations and smuggling. After their success in Portugal, a LR classification was given a business event in Angola. During a polite fight in a country, a Angolan President systematic a squeeze of outrageous quantities of weapons around a world. The LR Group gamble on a President’s feat in a polite war.  

Initially, they won a proposal for restoration of a Luanda Airport, of a Luanda airfield and a agreement to implement communication systems in a margin control tower, lane lighting and atmosphere control systems. Following this project, a association won a proposal for a construction and restoration of 5 additional airports in all a country’s districts. Later on, Congo also systematic from LR a sum restoration of a general airport. 

Some of a contracts sealed between LR and a Angolan supervision enclosed financing from supports yielded off a sale of oil constructed in a nation and products such as cocoa and coffee beans.  LR’s subsequent understanding was a merger of a Boeing 707 for a Angolan boss and a restoration with IAI. The agreement was value $ 14 million. Despite a success of a deal, it led to a relinquishment of corner activity with IAI for a certain duration of time. IAI perceived reports that LR were shopping many of a apparatus for Angola in a former Eastern confederation countries. 

Meanwhile, LR clever a ties in Angola and postulated apparatus not usually to a Coast Guard and a inhabitant atmosphere force, though also to a belligerent forces. The Israeli troops industry, that was in predicament during a time, accepted that it was inestimable for them to concur with LR, and hence cooperated in a accumulation of deals with LR in Angola. At a same time LR perceived additional projects in a section of airports renovation.  

In further to auxiliary with a troops industries in Israel, LR continued to concur with a Eastern European countries. Initially, LR acquired dual Russian-made Sukhoi 27 warrior jets. The successful Sukhoi understanding led a Angolan boss to lower his work with LR. LR non-stop an bureau in Kiev, that employed many veterans of a Ukrainian confidence and government, including associates to a afterwards Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. Among other things, LR mediated between a Ukrainian radar attention and a Angolan authorities. 

In 2000, Russian-made radar systems were sole to Ethiopia, and dual years after a Ukrainian press suggested suspicions that one of a systems sole to Ethiopia had found a approach into a hands of Iraqi oppressor Saddam Hussein, and behind a sale to Iraq was President Kuchma and his LR associates.  After a prolonged review it was motionless that there was no approach to locate a radar in Iraq, and that there was no explanation that Kuchma or LR were endangered in transferring it to Iraq. 

In an complaint filed in 1999 in Romania opposite Shimon Naor, a former sales deputy for Israeli invulnerability industries, it was purported that LR, for that he also worked, had easeful arms sales to African countries that had been embargoed, such as Nigeria and Eritrea. According to a indictment, weapons that came to Ukraine from Iran and Central Europe were installed onto an aeroplane leased by LR, that operated in a Ukraine, backed-up by a authorities.LR member denied any tie to a transaction and any impasse in a arms trade to a embargo countries.  

In 2004, LR was related to another weapons send from Bulgaria to a insurgent fighting section in Congo. The understanding was after annulled due to a French government’s impasse in a fighting and a clever ask from Israel to indoctrinate Israeli companies to stop aiding a Ivorian authorities. LR associates repudiate any impasse in a deal.  The association also entered a medical margin in Ukraine, where it determined with a inner partner an modernized oncology sanatorium in a plan estimated during $ 70 million.  

As of 2016, an general rapist review is being conducted per a activity of Cellcom Liberia, in that allegedly invited an Israeli-British hacker named Daniel Kaye (30) to lift out a long-range cyber-attack opposite a aspirant in sequence to interrupt a services. The conflict was out of control until, in Nov 2016, a Liberian supervision suspicion a conflict was destined opposite a Liberian state. The hacker testified in his review in Germany that a conflict was systematic by a CEO of Cellcom Liberia. The determining shareholder of Cellcom Liberia from a investiture in 2004 until mid-2016 was a LR Group. In Jan 2019 a hacker Daniel Kaye certified aggressive an African phone association – inadvertently crashing Liberia’s internet – in 2016. He was condemned for 32 months. Judge Alexander Milne QC pronounced Kaye had committed a “cynical” financial crime. Kaye wept as he was taken down. The National Crime Agency says Kaye is maybe a many poignant cyber rapist nonetheless held in a UK.           

In a early 2000s, a association stretched a businesses into polite sectors such as agriculture, medicine, construction, infrastructure and mobile communications, and determined a series of projects in team-work with a World Bank in Africa and third universe countries.     Eytan Stibbe late a few years ago from a partnership, and founded  a Miterelli association with Haim Taib. 

Eytan Stibbe founded Mitrelli 6 years ago (2012) with Haim Taib, after finale his long-term partnership with Roy Ben-Yami and Ami Lusting in a LR group. Mitrelli operates in infrastructure projects in several countries, generally in Angola.  

In new years, Mitrelli built several projects in a sectors of agriculture, H2O treatment, appetite projects, and more. Mitrelli has some-more than 3,000 employees worldwide and has an annual income estimated during hundreds of millions of dollars.    Stibbe, is now also famous as a initial partner of a Vital Fund. 

Following an hearing in a Israeli Registrar of Companies, it was detected that a Mitrelli Group is owned by a dual following firms; NOIT CONSULTING AND PROJECTS (2007) LTD and S.B. HOLDINGS LTD. Further review suggested that NOIT CONSULTING AND PROJECTS (2007) LTD is owned by Iris and Haim Taib and was before called MITRELLI GROUP (ISRAEL) LTD.

Correspondingly, it was detected that S.T.B. HOLDINGS LTD is owned by Eytan and Ora Stibbe. In new years Stibbe has been perplexing to keep his name out of a arms attention and chooses to foster his munificent business, a Vital Fund. 

After a Angolan polite fight finished in 2002, a need for armaments decreased significantly and a LR classification began to rivet in other sectors including agriculture, satellites, infrastructure, etc. In sequence to stretch LR’s confidence activity from a municipal activity, a auxiliary underneath a name of LRD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (D = DEFENSE), was determined by a LR Group. According to a Panama Papers, LRD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED altered a name in 2016 to HLS International Ltd. According to a documents, a association is purebred in Seychelles. In addition, a association has a HQ in Cyprus. The association is owned by a series of other companies.
Same story another nation – HLSI in Haiti. Israeli-HLSI holding over a discredited and downsized UN Troops’ Role in Haiti. The unelected Martelly group just, on Oct 23, 2015 sealed a large limit “surveillance” agreement for land, atmosphere and sea with an Israeli association identified as HLSI. The Memorandum of Understanding was sealed by a Haitian government, represented by Laleau Wilson, a defacto Minister of Economy and a HLSI Israeli firm, represented by a Vice-President Eva Peled. Ms. Peled is a former major in a Israeli atmosphere force and is a CEO of Geomine and Vice President of Mitrelli Group.   
According to information found in a Nigerian Registrar of Companies, a association is purebred underneath a name of HLSI Systems Technology LTD as of Jul 4, 2017. Based on a abovementioned findings, HLSI Systems Technology LTD is a auxiliary of HLS International Ltd., Seychelles. It is probable that a association underneath a name of HLSI Systems Technology LTD was purebred in Nigeria generally for executing a $ 195 million waterways confidence deal. The fact that a association was purebred in 2017 corresponds to a time negotiations on a agreement with a Nigeria were holding place. The authority of HLSI Systems Technology LTD is Mr. Nasiru Danu. The Manager of HLSI Systems Technology Ltd. Is Mickey Har Gaash.   According to a sources, Israeli citizen Pini Moria is a CEO of a Nigerian-based association HLSI Systems Technology LTD. 
A name that came adult as a deputy of HLSI in Nigeria was Eva Peled. Eva Peled appears in LinkedIn as a Vice-President during Mitrelli from Feb 2011 to a benefaction day, parallel portion as CEO of GEOMINE (a association that specializes in a growth of mining technology), and given Dec 2017 serves as clamp boss of a Israel-Ivory Coast Chamber of Commerce.