Zabe App Hits 3,000 Downloads As Nigerians Gear Up For Elections

As Nigerians rigging adult for a 2019 elections, a Centre for Civic, Citizen’s Welfare and Community Development (CCWD) and Civic Media Lab have grown an choosing monitoring mobile focus named Zabe.

The app, according to a organisations, seeks to democratise a elections regard process.

Over 3,000 Nigerians will be volunteering to guard a routine in their possess polling booths to give a most wider notice of a altogether opening of a election. is an choosing monitoring app that provides a quick and improved routine of collating results. Citizen observers are approaching to crowd-source a app with convincing information on incidents, events, and formula around them as they go about a choosing process.

According to Khalil Halilu, Chairman of a Centre for Civic, Citizen’s Welfare and Community Development, while responding to a twitter discuss with SaharaReporters, formula collated on a app will usually be together to a one by INEC, though it does not endorse winners or losers as it relies on citizens.

“Our aim is to safeguard that formula announced during Polling Units are sincerely represented during a final comparison point. We will put systems to safeguard that it doesn’t occur and if it does, afterwards we need to check where a gaps are entrance from and ask for accountability,” he said.

While informing a open on how to join a network, Halilu said: “Simply download a app from Playstore and IOS, pointer adult and afterwards safeguard we are on a surveillance to news incidents in your area and also post convincing formula from your polling booth. The app also offers an offline stating function, that allows we to submit information when we are out of a network coverage area and afterwards uploads when there is entrance to network.”

The app is a partnership bid between CCWD, an NGO with a disposition for county collection and technology, in line with SDGs and Civic Media Lab, that was set adult with support from MacArthur Foundation to rise county collection that would lower approved participation.

The lab is now building a village of a 10,000 citizen choosing observers’ network opposite a country, who will assistance yield information on a app.